Small But Deadly - Paul Hallas


A consumer’s guide to packet tricks. It will point you in the direction of some of the greatest packet tricks ever created. If you are interested in close up magic, you will find this book an essential reference. In fact, if you are simply interested in magic, who invented what, or magic history, you will find this a great read
You will learn both the development and methods behind some of the best card tricks done with small packets. You will find tricks by Peter Duffie, Stephen Tucker, Martin Lewis, Al Smith as well as Paul Hallas. In addition, Paul discusses the contributions to the genre by Peter Kane, Alex Elmsley, Phil Goldstein, Roy Walton, Emerson & West, Brother Hamman, Dai Vernon, Nick Trost, Bruce Cervon, Larry Jennings, Aldo Colombini, Ed Marlo, and Ronnay, just to name a few. Hardbound with dust jacket, 174 pages.

Price: $ 35.00